Changing the status quo

From City Hall to the State Capitol, we’ve spent decades protecting millions of dollars in funding for walking, bicycling, and transit, and fought for new policies and infrastructure in communities where they’re needed.


As bold, effective advocates, Move Minnesota is building an active grassroots base, finding common ground in shared values, and rallying people around the radical idea that it’s good to have options.

We help our fellow Minnesotans tell the stories of how transportation influences their lives and the future of our region. Together, our voices are a powerful challenge to the status quo, and a demand that Minnesota does better for all of us.

Key Initiatives

  • Prioritizing Transit in COVID-19 Response & Recovery

    Transit is an essential service to sustain our communities. It continues to be vital during a crisis like COVID-19, when we see many of our most vulnerable community members and essential workers relying on transit to get to work, the grocery store, and the doctor. Move Minnesota is working with federal and state policy makers to ensure transit funding and operations are a priority in all legislative decisions—not only to respond to COVID-19, but ensure our post-recovery world is more just and sustainable.

  • Fair Transit Fare Enforcement

    Because everyone should be able to ride our public transit systems with dignity, Move Minnesota is working to change how transit fares are enforced. Right now, when people don’t—or can’t—pay a $2 transit fare, they’re faced with a fine and a permanent criminal record. Move Minnesota is working with legislative allies to decriminalize riding public transit without proof of payment, and to create a new transit ambassador program to address the underlying reasons why fares sometimes go unpaid.

  • Transportation Forward

    Move Minnesota leads a coalition of statewide partner organizations and thousands of supporters calling on the legislature to increase funding for bus, rail, bicycling, and walking. Together, we are building and mobilizing broad support for new investments in transportation options to improve mobility, economic vitality, and quality of life in communities across Minnesota.

  • Advancing Shared Mobility

    Move Minnesota is at the forefront of efforts to increase innovative, shared transportation options in the Twin Cities metro. We recently collaborated with national and local partners on an action plan to dramatically improve mobility, and as a result, take 50,000 cars off the road by 2027. The benefits for household budgets and greenhouse gas reduction could be huge. Now we’re part of the Shared Mobility Collaborative, the team working together to put the plan in motion.

People power this movement!

Get involved to help transform transportation options in Minnesota.