Knowledge is Power

At Move Minnesota, we love inspiring more people to ride transit, bike, walk, car-share, and ride-share.


We know that sharing knowledge and providing opportunities for people to experience transportation options firsthand is key to changing hearts, minds, and habits.

Our educational programming connects commuters and employers with sustainable options for getting around. From planning a group bike ride to speaking out on issues that matter to them, our trainings help neighbors and advocates build valuable skills so they’re ready to lead.

Key Initiatives

  • Know Your Options

    Over the last century, car culture has become status quo – a must have, must do, must own, must depend on. Today, that’s all changing.

    From biking to work in our capital city to hopping on the bus to beat rush-hour traffic, there are lots of great choices for getting around. And, whether you don’t own a car, or just want to use yours a little less, knowing your transportation options can help you get active, save money, and do your part for the environment, all at once.

    Move Minnesota provides programming and hands-on experience to get more residents and commuters:

    • Riding the bus or train
    • Bicycling and walking
    • Car-sharing and ride-sharing
  • Support for Workplaces

    Move Minnesota has years of experience connecting employers of all sizes with sustainable transportation options. We provide valuable expertise and scalable solutions to help workplaces better support walk, bike, and transit trips that their employees, clients, and customers want and need.

    We specialize in working with businesses, colleges, and organizations throughout Saint Paul. We offer:

    • Bike Parking Cost Share Program
    • Commuter Benefits Assessments
    • Parking Counting Equipment
    • Employee and Community Surveys
    • Experiential Learning Events
    • ZAP Twin Cities Bicycle Commute Incentive Program
    • College Mobility Strategies
    • Commuter Fairs
    • Other Transportation Demand Management Services

    Let us know how we can help.

  • Bike Parking Cost Share Program

    With help from Move Minnesota, new bike parking is an easy and affordable option. We offer a 50-50 cost sharing program for Saint Paul businesses and organizations interested in adding bike racks or rooms. Eligible projects receive up to $1,000 in support.

    Interested? Fill out the application form online. We’ll follow up by phone to make sure your project is a good match for this program. If so, we’ll set up a site visit with our bike rack vendor to prepare a plan and cost estimate, which includes an administrative fee of $25 per project. Together we’ll agree to a bike parking plan and price. Then, just like that, it’s time to install your new bike parking!

  • Youth Leadership

    Move Minnesota’s Youth Team is made of a small crew of powerfully-minded young people of color. Our program is grounded in the belief that empowering youth to make changes in their own communities has positive long-term effects for both individuals and neighborhoods. The Youth Team learns leadership, community engagement, and STEM skills through a transportation-focused curriculum.

  • Colleges as Mobility Hubs

    Colleges and universities play a unique role in shaping the future of our region: they are poised to show the next generation what leadership looks like. They are environments with huge potential for behavior change, including the opportunity to grow biking, walking, and transit.

    Move Minnesota is currently working with five Twin Cities colleges to transform their organizations/campuses into regional transportation leaders. We’re generating dialogue, providing training, promoting sustainable options, and sharing guidance on investments that will improve campus mobility for students, staff, faculty, and surrounding neighbors.

People power this movement!

Get involved to help transform transportation options in Minnesota.