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4 Things State Lawmakers Should Do to Improve Transportation Options for All Minnesotans

In communities across Minnesota, transportation has a major impact on our everyday lives and on the future we’re creating together. It is at the heart of our ability to access jobs and education, to get our families to the doctor’s office and the grocery store, to build prosperity in our small towns and communities of color, and to protect our land, water, and climate for generations to come. And in 2019, we need our state leaders and lawmakers to champion investments in transportation that works for all of us.

Move Minnesota and our Transportation Forward coalition allies are fighting to make long-term investments in transit, bicycling, and walking a top priority at the State Capitol. Years of legislative inaction have left these essential options chronically under-resourced in both the metro region and in Greater Minnesota. With a new legislative session underway, now is the perfect time to speak out for the Minnesota we know is possible.

Minnesota voters already know it is time for lawmakers to prioritize statewide investments in transportation options. Recent statewide polling shows clear public support:

Before this session even started, we reached out to Governor Walz and Lt. Governor Flanagan to make sure they know how important these issues are to Minnesotans like you. Big thanks to the 40 groups from around the state who co-signed our letter!

Our coalition agrees that legislative action is needed in 2019 to:

  1. Prevent future cuts to transit service. More resources are critical to fix the projected Metro Transit funding gap before people lose transit service they depend on. To truly meet the needs of our growing and changing population and serve Minnesotans of all abilities, we need a bigger solution that fully funds transit in the metro area for the long-term.
  2. Fund overdue improvements. Increased investment is needed not just to protect the transit service we have, but to create the system Minnesotans really need. Investment in bus rapid transit will expand fast, frequent, all-day service that benefits residents and businesses across the metro and builds out the major links between urban-urban and urban-suburban communities. Investment in Metro Transit’s high and medium service improvement priorities will create a faster and more reliable bus network for the thousands of people who use it every day. Additional funding will make it possible to grow the region’s electric bus fleet, making your transit trip even cleaner, greener, and quieter.
  3. Meet growing needs in Greater Minnesota. Across Greater Minnesota an increase in reliable funding is needed to build out public transit operations, technology, facilities, and buses to connect residents young and old with jobs, services, and fellow community members.
  4. Support active transportation options. With more dedicated resources, communities statewide can grow safe and connected bicycling and walking infrastructure and bicycling and walking programs.

Bottom line: Until everyone in Minnesota can get where they need to go in affordable, healthy, and sustainable ways, we’re going to keep working to change the system. We’d love your help!