About Us

Building a future in Minnesota where all the places we need to go are within easy reach.

People first. Mode second.

At Move Minnesota, we recognize that the most effective solutions are developed by those closest to, and most impacted by, the decisions that are made. We meet people where they’re at to listen, collaborate, and build platforms that elevate the diverse perspectives of our community.

As Minnesota’s leading transportation advocacy nonprofit, we go beyond just one mode, one agenda, one neighborhood, and one perspective, to ensure true progress is possible from a big picture point of view.

We work to break barriers, open new channels for collaboration, and create opportunities by placing people of all backgrounds at the center of transportation decision-making–establishing Minnesota as a mobility leader and innovative trend-setter.

Our Mission

Move Minnesota leads the movement for an equitable transportation system that puts people first.

In a world driven by technology and defined by speed, families are challenged on a daily basis to move freely without the dependence of outdated infrastructure centered around cars. It’s time to make a change.

Our Values

As we work as a partner and leader in Minnesota, we center ourselves in the following values:

  • Access & Choice

    Move Minnesota is committed to the creation of a regional transportation system that builds accessibility and choices so all people have the freedom to get around and to participate fully in community and social connections and economic activities.

  • Equity

    We are committed to producing concrete outcomes that address disparities in the access to transportation choices and economic inclusion based on race, class, gender, age, ability, or location.

  • Integrity

    We ground our work in valid and reliable information, advocate with objectivity, and demonstrate political savvy, earning a reputation as a trusted and credible resource for the region.

  • Excellence & Transparency

    Operating in a way that mirrors the change we hope to create in the world, we intentionally commit to honesty, integrity, justice, and civility in all of our organizational and community interactions.

  • Stewardship

    We are committed to the responsible and thoughtful use of our organizational resources, and to advocating for policies and transportation solutions that sustainably steward all environmental and community resources.

  • Systems Change

    We are committed to focusing on long-term solutions, comprehensive policy change, and re-framing cultural practices to create an accessible multi-modal transportation system that de-emphasizes the use of single-occupant cars in favor of expanded walking, rolling, bicycling, and transit options.

Our History

Move Minnesota evolved out of the merger of two legacy organizations with more than three decades of combined experience creating positive change in the Twin Cities. Transit for Livable Communities and St. Paul Smart Trips officially joined forces in 2017 to build a diverse, influential movement for transit, bicycling, walking, and sharing options. Our new name, Move Minnesota, speaks to the expanded vision and ambitions of our organization.

As we look to grow our collective impact throughout the region and state, we continue to value our deep roots in Saint Paul, where we have served as the city’s designated Transportation Management Organization for over ten years. Move Minnesota builds on a well-established reputation for innovative approaches to community outreach and travel demand management as we continue in that role.

We also build on our solid foundation of successful efforts to grow bicycling and walking on both sides of the river—and effective transit advocacy that began with a push for the Twin Cities’ very first light rail line!

“Everybody has to move. I’m a mother with aging parents. More investment in walking, bicycling, and transit would change what’s possible for people in my family. We value independence, accessibility, and taking care of our bodies and our planet. That’s why I fight for a transportation system that works for everyone.”

Toni W. | Saint Paul