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About Us

Putting People First

Move Minnesota leads the movement for an equitable and sustainable transportation system that puts people first. 

We are passionate about connecting communities, ending the climate crisis, expanding access to jobs and resources, and improving daily life for Minnesotans of all ages, races, incomes, and abilities.

What We Do

We connect people to transit where the system works well, and fight hard to ensure it works for everyone. 

Advocating for Change

Move Minnesota is known for bold, effective transit advocacy. From City Hall to the State Capitol, we fight for the transformative transportation funding, policies, and infrastructure that families and communities need. We’ve spent decades successfully protecting millions of dollars in funding for transit, bicycling, and walking. We focus our efforts on long-term solutions and comprehensive policy change. We get things done.

Organizing and Mobilizing

We are dedicated to on-the-ground organizing in the Twin Cities metro to build vocal and sustained support for transit. Move Minnesota is building an active grassroots base and rallying people around shared values. We help our fellow Minnesotans tell the stories of how transportation influences their lives and the future of our region. We develop and share narratives to build understanding of why a just transportation system is so important. Our collective voices are a powerful challenge to the status quo, and a demand that Minnesota does better for all of us.

Building Collective Power

We bring people together to create lasting change. Move Minnesota works alongside over 10,000 supporters behind the scenes and in the streets. Our coalition leadership builds power and consensus across sectors and geographies. We create change through community partnerships and engage community members to ensure all voices inform our work.

Leading on Policy, Education, and Partnerships

We are a trusted transportation resource. Move Minnesota partners with employers, developers, and commuters to reduce air pollution and curb car traffic in our capital city. We love inspiring more people to bus, bike, walk, and roll. And, as experts in policy and behavior change, we love helping workplaces large and small realize the many benefits of rethinking the commute. We know that sharing knowledge, transforming systems, and providing opportunities for people to experience transit options firsthand is key to changing hearts, minds, and habits.

Our vision is to create a Minnesota where our transportation system breaks down barriers, protects our climate and environment, and creates access and choice.

We work toward a future where the air is clean, our families are healthy, and our neighborhoods are thriving. A Minnesota that feels connected, because it is.

We want a simpler commute, a sense of belonging. We want to wake up and not have to worry about gas prices, or traffic, or planning around a limited bus schedule, or if a bike path is clear, or if we’ll be treated with compassion and respect as we’re out and about. We care about our communities. We care about each other. Our streets and cities can reflect our values and the lives we want to lead. We don’t have to settle for less. We can all get around in ways that are safe, affordable, sustainable, and healthy.

With frequent, affordable transit service, Minnesota families can easily access jobs and opportunity. With accessible sidewalks, seniors and people with disabilities can keep more of their independence. With safe bike routes, kids can get to school and explore their towns and neighborhoods without fear of being hit by a car. With an abundance of sustainable options, we can protect our air, water, and climate for future generations, and get closer to ensuring needs in communities of color are fully and fairly met.

Our Goals

We need transformative solutions to create a future where:

  • Transit, biking, and walking are the best and easiest ways of getting around
  • Transit systems in Minnesota have the resources needed to serve all of us really well
  • Policies at every level of government support transit and riders
  • Transit’s links to racial justice, climate action, economic prosperity, gender justice, and accessibility are widely recognized and valued
  • Expanding and improving transit is a top priority for every elected official in Minnesota
  • Our transportation systems protect our air and climate and connect our communities. Our families are happy, healthy, and thriving—no exceptions.

Our Commitment to Equity and Justice

At Move Minnesota, equity is a core value. Systems that hold people back and leave people out because of their skin color, income, ability, age, or gender are wrong. It is unacceptable to stay silent when people’s lives and livelihoods are at stake.

For decades, bad transportation projects have divided people, deepened disparities, and done lasting harm in communities of color. Move Minnesota is committed to disrupting that pattern.

  • We advocate for outcomes that advance racial justice, climate justice, economic justice, gender justice, and justice for people of all abilities.
  • We work to dismantle transportation, economic, and social inequalities and focus resources in underserved communities where people are disproportionately impacted by transportation pollution. 
  • We work to center and amplify the voices of Minnesotans who have been locked out of transportation decision-making, and break down the barriers that keep them out.

Our commitment to equity and justice is infused throughout our organizational practices, the work we do, and our vision for the future. It guides the ways we show up with and for our community every day. Because everyone should be able to reach the places that matter to them. Everyone should have what they need to lead happy, healthy lives. That’s not the world we live in today—but it should be. We are fighting to make it happen.

Our Recognitions

Move Minnesota is a 501(c)3 nonprofit committed to transparency and accountability. We go above and beyond nonprofit requirements by engaging in voluntary organizational assessments. We’re proud to join a small percentage of nonprofits who maintain practices that meet these high standards.

Title VI Program

In alignment with our organizational values and in compliance with federal civil rights law, Move Minnesota’s Title VI Program is designed to ensure that no one participating in our programs or activities is discriminated against because of their race, color, or national origin.

Get to know us

Meet our team!

Our dedicated staff and board are working alongside thousands of supporters each and every day to change our transportation system for the better.