Our Team

Meet our team of passionate changemakers and find out how they champion our movement in Minnesota.

  • Sam Rockwell, Move Minnesota Executive Director

    Sam Rockwell

    Executive Director E: samr@movemn.org P: 651-789-1405

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  • Elizabeth Garvey

    Elizabeth Garvey

    Office Manager E: elizabethg@movemn.org P: 651-789-1412

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  • Jennifer Harmening Thiede

    Jennifer Harmening Thiede

    Director of Advancement E: jenniferh@movemn.org P: 651-789-1416

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  • Linnea House

    Linnea House

    Director of Finance and Administration E: linneah@movemn.org P: 651-789-1411

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  • Photo of Finn McGarrity

    Finn McGarrity

    Community Organizer E: finnm@movemn.org P: 651-789-1410

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  • Theresa Nelson

    Theresa Nelson

    Program Manager E: theresan@movemn.org P: 651-789-1402

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  • Theresa Thompson Nix

    Theresa Thompson Nix

    Field Manager E: theresatn@movemn.org P: 651-789-1406

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  • Mark Olivares

    Mark Olivares

    Community Organizer E: marko@movemn.org P: 651-789-1408

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  • Elissa Schufman

    Elissa Schufman

    Donor and Funder Relations Manager E: elissas@movemn.org P: 651-789-1415

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  • Photo of Ze Thao

    Ze Thao

    Communications and Fundraising Coordinator E: zet@movemn.org P: 651-789-1403

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  • Erik Thompson

    Erik Thompson

    Transportation Demand Management Coordinator E: erikt@movemn.org P: 651-789-1419

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