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At Move Minnesota we're building and leading a movement by bringing people together.

Through advocacy, education, and community engagement, Move Minnesota is working to ensure every community has choices for getting around.


It should be so simple: everyone should be able to reach the important places in their lives.

Unfortunately, that’s not the system we have today. Right now, some of us have transportation choices–and some of us don’t. For too many, getting around is a struggle. People in communities of color and low-wealth communities are not being heard and not getting the resources they need. At Move Minnesota, we’re building a movement of people who believe that a better future is possible. We’re united because we want to live in a Minnesota where the air is clean, our families are healthy, and our neighborhoods are thriving. A Minnesota that feels connected, because it is.

We want more innovation, less partisan bullsh**t. We want a simpler commute, a sense of belonging. We want to wake up and not have to worry about gas prices, or traffic, or planning around a limited bus schedule, or if a bike path is clear, or if we’ll be treated with compassion and respect as we’re out and about. We care about our communities. We care about each other. We work together to expand transportation options that are safe, affordable, sustainable, and healthy.

With accessible sidewalks, seniors and people with disabilities can keep more of their independence. With safe bike routes, kids can get to school and explore their towns and neighborhoods without fear of being hit by a car. With frequent, affordable transit service, hard-working families can easily access jobs and opportunity. With an abundance of sustainable options, we can protect our land, water, and climate for future generations, and get closer to ensuring needs in communities of color are fully and fairly met.

Transportation impacts every one of us, every day. Each and every Minnesotan, in every region of the state, of every income level, of every race and ethnic background, every age and ability. We’re growing this people-powered movement from the ground up, from our roots in the Twin Cities to Minnesota communities large and small. Change starts now—for all of us.


We focus on creating change through impact in these areas:

  • Build Community

    Our events and actions bring together a community of people who care about making life better in Minnesota. We know we can do more when we’re authentically connected.

  • Shape Policy

    With policies that support access and choice for all, Minnesota can seize the full potential for transportation to improve quality of life. We advance lasting policy change in the workplace and at all levels of government.

  • Champion Investment

    It takes resources to grow our collective options. We fight for increased investment in transit, bicycling, and walking across the state.

  • Advance Equity

    Systems that hold people back and leave people out because of their skin color, income, ability, age, or gender just aren’t good enough. We work to amplify the voices of Minnesotans who have been locked out of transportation decision-making, and break down the barriers that keep them out.

  • Improve Infrastructure

    Infrastructure should be designed with people in mind. We work to ensure new transportation projects are multi-modal, accessible, and community-oriented.

  • Change Behavior

    We create opportunities for Minnesotans to learn about and experience transportation options firsthand. Inspiring more people to bike, walk, and bus means fewer cars on the road.

How We Work

Through advocacy, education, and community engagement, Move Minnesota is working to ensure every community has choices for getting around. We drive change through:

  • Advocacy

    Changing the status quo.

    We advocate and enable funding for walking, bicycling, and transit, and fight for policies and infrastructure in communities where they’re needed.

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  • Community Engagement

    Everyone’s voice deserves to be heard.

    We aim to speak with, not for, community–and to elevate voices that wouldn’t otherwise be heard.

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  • Education

    Knowledge is power.

    We connect commuters and employers with sustainable options for getting around while helping neighbors and advocates build valuable skills.

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Let’s Move Together!

Help us grow the movement for an equitable transportation system that puts people first.

“Being able to use public transit—and being able to be a one-car family—is one of the main reasons we moved to the Twin Cities a year and a half ago.”

Stephanie L.  |  Minneapolis

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