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Our Work

Together, we’re building a movement to demand transportation that protects our climate, our families, and our futures.

Transportation impacts every one of us, every day. Each and every Minnesotan, in every region of the state, of every income level, every race and ethnic background, every age and ability.

Transit, biking, and walking are some of the most powerful tools we have to make our communities accessible, to improve our individual and collective health, and to connect us to the places and people that allow us to live our best lives. That’s why we’re fighting to make transit, biking, and walking the easiest and best ways to get around in the Twin Cities and across the state. Change starts now—for all of us.

Our Current Initiatives

We’re building coalitions, engaging communities, organizing with
advocates, and more.

Our Impact & Stories

We’ve helped the Twin Cities expand and improve its transit system, add more bike lanes, and create more walkable communities.

Our current transportation system prioritizes cars above all else. The price we pay is the safety of our families, the health of our climate, and the stability of our future. People in communities of color and low-wealth communities are not being heard or getting the resources they need. Together, we can change that.

Sam Rockwell
Executive Director, Move Minnesota

Take Action

Ready to create change?

With your help, we’re transforming transportation in Minnesota. Join us as a volunteer, advocate, donor—or all three!