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Key Initiative

Livable Lyndale

Minneapolis neighbors and Move Minnesota are working together to realize a vision for a safer, more accessible, and livable Lyndale Avenue South when it is reconstructed in 2026.

Get involved to make sure this busy street is redesigned with people in mind!

The Issue

Lyndale Avenue South is a crucial corridor in South Minneapolis, where many people live, work, eat, and play. However, Lyndale is too often dangerous, unwelcoming, and inaccessible because the infrastructure for walking, rolling, busing, and biking is so inadequate. Speeding traffic, narrow sidewalks, and hectic crossings make it difficult to get around and discourage enjoying all the area has to offer.

Hennepin County is reconstructing Lyndale from Franklin Avenue to Lake Street in 2026—a process where the entire road is rebuilt from scratch. This presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to redesign this section of Lyndale in a way that better reflects the community’s priorities. Community engagement begins in the summer of 2023. Now is the time to get involved and make your voice heard!

The Solution

Lyndale Avenue South is poised for a major makeover. A thoughtful design with protected bikeways, convenient bus rapid transit service, and a walkable, accessible streetscape will ensure all of us can get where we need to go and make Lyndale a more enjoyable destination for residents and visitors alike. Imagine fast, frequent buses rolling down the street in their own lane, easily connecting people to jobs, school, and fun. Imagine protected bike lanes and widened walkways that allow people to come together, enjoy the neighborhood, and patronize our local businesses. Imagine not having to worry about collisions or traffic jams on a street purposefully designed for slower speeds. Imagine a spacious pedestrian promenade that can be used for upgraded patio dining, attractive green spaces, and community activities for the benefit of our neighbors and businesses along Lyndale.

Why It Matters

An average street will typically last 30 years before reconstruction is needed. The Lyndale Ave we have today was designed almost exclusively for cars before some of us were even born. It’s not serving us like it should anymore. We want a different, better Lyndale for our future: A Lyndale where it’s easy to walk, roll, bike, and bus. A Lyndale that’s welcoming for people of every age, race, and ability. A Lyndale that’s climate-friendly.

The redesign of Lyndale Avenue South will stay in place for decades, so it’s important we seize this moment to get it right! Making our roadways safe, comfortable, and accessible for all supports healthier and stronger communities. And together we can cut down on pollution, save lives, and improve transportation equity when we demand our streets are designed for people.

We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to make Lyndale Avenue welcoming and livable for all.

The benefits are clear. The time is now!

Our Objective

Our aim is to make Lyndale Avenue South more inviting for people to move, linger, dine, reside, relax, and recreate. That means we need a reconstruction that will:

  • Make more space for people through wider sidewalks, curb-level bike lanes, and full-day bus lanes.
  • Include all essential infrastructure for the coming Lyndale Bus Rapid Transit Line.
  • Complete the bikeway gap and fix the inaccessible sidewalk between Franklin Avenue and the Loring Greenway so it meets ADA standards and works well for people of all abilities.

Show your support as a…

Did You Know?

  • Car crashes are common on Lyndale Ave but a better street design can change that. The Lyndale and Lake intersection is especially hazardous for people walking: it has the highest number of car crashes with pedestrians in all of Minneapolis.
  • Protected bike lanes increase bicycling AND boost local business. In cities across the country, protected bike lane networks encourage more people to bike for everyday trips. Customers who bike stop by often and spend as much or more per month as people who come by car.
  • Lyndale Ave is home to the #4 bus—one of the ten highest ridership buses in our entire metro. A dedicated bus lane will keep buses moving through traffic, making transit trips quick and convenient.
  • Cars and trucks pollute our air, water, and climate. For healthy, thriving neighborhoods, we need more sustainable ways to get around our city.


Join Our Local Volunteer Team

We need your help to create a Livable Lyndale!

Minneapolis volunteers are powering this campaign for a Livable Lyndale. We’re taking action because we love our city and we want to make it even better! We know a more accessible, enjoyable Lyndale Avenue is possible—if we fight for it.

Lyndale is a frequent destination for me, for catching the bus, grabbing food or a drink, or shopping on foot. I know we can make it an even better part of our neighborhood.

Brian M.
Minneapolis Resident

speak up, MPLS!

Share Your Story

Do you live, work, or play along Lyndale Avenue?

Tell us about your experiences—and share what a Livable Lyndale would mean to you and your community! Local perspectives are the backbone of our advocacy efforts and sharing yours can shape the future of this vital street.