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Key Initiative

Purple Line for the People

The new METRO Purple Line should serve as many people as possible, as well as possible. Move Minnesota is working with local partners and volunteers to support a new route that could bring this exciting bus rapid transit project to White Bear Ave instead of Bruce Vento Trail and push for stations where our communities need them. Join us to get involved!

The Issue

The METRO Purple Line is bringing fast, frequent bus rapid transit service to the East Metro—but we need to make sure Metro Transit puts the route and the station locations where they will do the most good! For a long time, the Purple Line route was planned along Bruce Vento Regional Trail, a scenic bicycling and walking path spanning from the Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary in Saint Paul into the eastern suburbs. Now, Purple Line planners are considering White Bear Avenue as an exciting new alternative, but the final route is not yet decided.

The Solution

Choosing White Bear Avenue for the Purple Line’s route will connect more people to high-quality transit service and bring new energy, prosperity, and access to local businesses, services, and jobs. Combining this new route with well-placed stations that meet community needs will benefit residents and our region as a whole.

White Bear Avenue is a crucial corridor on the East Side of Saint Paul and Maplewood where community members work, eat, live, and play. Public transit makes sense here. Not only is White Bear Avenue dense with businesses and community infrastructure, but it also serves as an important connection for the historically underserved and growing East Side of Saint Paul to the rest of the city!

Why It Matters

Everyone deserves to have easy, accessible, and affordable transportation options. Many families in the East Metro rely on public transit to get to work and school, see families and friends, and access essentials like employment, groceries, and health care. The METRO Purple Line will improve our daily lives and make our communities more connected—if decision-makers put the route and stations where they can serve people best.

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Our metro communities need a Purple Line that serves as many people as possible, as well as possible.

Together, let’s make it happen!

Our Objective

We’re urging project planners and decision-makers to put the Purple Line where the people are!

From Saint Paul and Maplewood, to Vadnais Heights and White Bear Lake, we all care about creating a better future for our families and communities in the East Metro. We need fast, frequent transit that serves our community in the best way possible, in the densest area available. That’s why our coalition is calling on decision-makers to build the Purple Line on White Bear Avenue.

Elevating Arcade

  • In addition to a great route, station locations can make a big difference for local riders. Stations designed with people in mind will make the Purple Line more convenient, accessible, safe, and welcoming.
  • Community members want the Purple Line’s new Arcade Station built at street level where it will connect the neighborhood. They want a station that is easy to reach and comfortable to wait—for people of all ages and abilities.
  • We all benefit when quick service and well-designed stations encourage more people to leave their car at home. More people riding the bus is good for the air, climate, and streets we all share!


Join Our Local Volunteer Team

We need your help to get a Purple Line for the people!

Advocating for the Purple Line route on White Bear Avenue is a top priority for our Saint Paul volunteer Team. We know that when we come together, we can make our cities even better places to live, to get around, and to enjoy!

Let’s put this corridor where it always should have been: Along a thoroughfare that will benefit business owners, transit users, and people who don’t want to be tied down to car ownership. Let’s put it on White Bear Ave!

Sherry J.
Saint Paul resident

Take action!

Push for the Purple Line on White Bear Ave

Decision-makers need to know there is strong local support for this route. Sign on today to show your support! 

Purple People Coalition Partners