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Key Initiative

Improving Renter Options Along the Green Line

Move Minnesota is helping rental property managers, building owners, and developers along the Green Line put transit front and center–in ways that benefit them, their renters, and our community as a whole.

The Issue

In the Twin Cities, renters are faced with rising rents while also paying steep prices to use, maintain, and park a vehicle. Worse than that, each year renters pay $440 million for parking they don’t use. And as of 2015, one in eight Minneapolis and Saint Paul households didn’t own a car. Even in transit-rich areas, many policies and practices continue to over-emphasize and reinforce driving.

The Solution

That’s why Move Minnesota is helping landlords and developers update their approach to parking and transportation near the METRO Green Line, one of the region’s fastest and most reliable transit resources. We’re communicating with rental management companies, engaging directly with renters, and redesigning policies to support and improve transportation choices for Twin Cities renters.

Why It Matters

Cars and parking are expensive. They create unnecessary financial burdens for renters, landlords, and developers alike–with mounting environmental consequences for the rest of us. Across the Twin Cities, it’s critical to reduce car trips, increase transportation options, and to ensure people stop paying for parking they will never use. By focusing on renters living along the Green Line, we can improve people’s access not only to the light rail, but also to jobs, social opportunities, cultural institutions, and daily needs along the line. We all benefit with clean air, less traffic, and a better quality of life.

Our Objective

We’re working to advance transit choices so that more households can have fewer cars or be completely car-free.

With the average cost of car ownership currently around $9,000 a year, creating a metro region that is not so car dependent builds collective prosperity.

Our Approach

  • We combine outreach and education with guidance on best practices, policies, and infrastructure.
  • We take the time to listen, assess unique needs, and recommend solutions that fit.
  • We develop customized, easy-to-use resources–from renter surveys to robust move-in materials and more.
  • We provide transportation expertise to partners at both new and existing buildings.

Initiative Milestones

  • 2019: Pilot funding secured through the US Department of Transportation and Metropolitan Council
  • 2020: Worked with partners to develop customizable transportation toolkit

We’re working to decrease dependence on cars and improve the options buildings offer their renters so that people have more money left in their pockets for food, fun, and family.

Do you rent along the METRO Green Line and want better transportation options?

If your building is within one mile of the METRO Green line, contact us! Together we’ll determine who your property manager is and work to develop solutions for your building that help improve your walking, biking, and transit options, as well as reducing your monthly costs. Reach out to learn more about how we can help you as a renter.

Do you own or manage a rental property along the METRO Green Line and want to save on operating costs?

The cost of owning and maintaining parking units is incredibly expensive over the life of the parking—plowing, resurfacing, and other fees build up over time. Encouraging tenants to walk, bike, and take transit helps improve their experience in the community and saves on costs for everyone. Reach out to learn more about our solutions for property managers.