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Tell Metro Leaders to Boost the Bus

It’s time to paint more bus lanes and give buses a green light to make Twin Cities bus service quick and convenient. Add your name to show support!

We all deserve bus service that is quick and convenient. But, right now, even the Twin Cities’ busiest bus lines aren’t serving people like they should. Many metro residents struggle every day to reach jobs, housing, healthcare, childcare, or education because our buses are too slow. Only six percent of jobs in the metro are even accessible to transit riders in under 45 minutes—yikes!

To protect our climate and to improve access and connection in our communities, the Twin Cities needs better, faster bus rides for more people. To make it happen, it’s time to paint more dedicated bus lanes on our streets and give buses a green light with transit signal priority at local intersections. These are simple, effective, low-cost solutions. They speed up service, save time, and keep bus riders moving!

Political will is standing in the way. To boost the bus, we have to speak up. Add your name now to show support!