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Push for a Full Bus Lane on Lake Street

Don’t settle for less on the new B Line. Comment by August 13.

Transit riders could get a full bus lane on Lake Street—but only if enough of us speak up! Metro Transit is actively considering this as an option for the new B Line–but it is not guaranteed. In fact, a recently released plan suggests city, county, and agency coordination on a watered-down alternative.

To serve current riders and attract even more, we have to start making fast, convenient transit service an actual priority. The fully-funded B Line is an amazing chance to replace one of the metro’s busiest and slowest buses (Route 21), with efficient service that connects Minneapolis and Saint Paul. It is critical this route move as quickly as effectively as possible to support our communities and our future. Speak up now to advocate for “Extensive Bus Priority” on the B Line. Friday, August 13, is the comment deadline.

The plan Metro Transit released this summer proposes three design options: no bus lane, a full bus lane in both directions, or a new proposal for a partial bus lane in only one direction. Instead of a full bus lane up and down all of Lake, that third concept would restrict the bidirectional bus lane just to the Uptown section between Dean and Dupont, with more buses and riders getting stuck in traffic the rest of the route.

Push decision-makers for a stronger commitment to B Line transit service! Comment today and voice your support for the full bus lane.