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Take Action!

Show Support to Push the E Line Corridor Plan Even Further

Speak up for bus lanes and quick, convenient bus service by April 8.

For the last few months, Metro Transit has been gathering feedback and input for the METRO E Line Corridor Plan, the bus improvements coming to Route 6, which connects the University of Minnesota to Southdale along Hennepin and France Avenues.

The Recommended Corridor Plan is good news! We need you to speak up to preserve the good things in this plan—including the bus lanes we’ve been fighting for on Hennepin Avenue South—and push Metro Transit to think even bigger about improving this heavily-used bus route.

Move Minnesota advocates helped get the E Line fully funded last year. Speak up with us now to ensure this new route serves people like it should!

The comment period for the Recommended Corridor Plan ends on April 8, so don’t delay. Bus lanes and signal priority are big wins for riders that will make transit service fast and reliable. Tell Metro Transit that we need these critical service improvements in areas they identified—and all along the corridor.