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Tell Legislators to Fix Fare Enforcement in MN

Being unable to pay for bus fare should not be a crime. It’s time for a new approach.

Help Move Minnesota and allies stop fare enforcement that criminalizes people who ride transit—and demand state lawmakers commit to a better solution.

When people in Minnesota don’t—or can’t—pay a $2 transit fare, they’re currently faced with a permanent criminal record and hundreds of dollars in fines. Why is enforcing bus fare treated so differently from enforcing a parking ticket? A heavy-handed state law is to blame.

We need state lawmakers to fix this problem. Tell your legislators to end Minnesota’s unfair and unjust fare enforcement policy, and replace it with a transit ambassadors program to address the underlying reasons why fares sometimes go unpaid.

The harmful state mandate in place today is failing people most in need, and it has to stop. Speak up for a new approach to transit fare collection that does not criminalize poverty and takes an important step toward ensuring transit systems in both the metro region and across our state are welcome to all and work for all.