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Tell Minneapolis City Council to Support Bus Lanes and Bike Lanes on Hennepin Ave S

With a City Council vote expected in coming weeks, keep up the pressure for a street designed for people.

We are so close to getting dedicated bus lanes and protected bike lanes on Hennepin Avenue South. We need your help now to get these improvements across the finish line!

The City Council is expected to vote on this street redesign project in coming weeks. Their support is critical. In the meantime, a new Minneapolis Public Works Director has publicly questioned the full-time bus lanes Move Minnesota and allies have been fighting for (and that city Public Works staff and the Minneapolis Transportation Action Plan say we need), raising renewed concerns that decision-makers could attempt to water down or delay these improvements at the eleventh hour.

Make sure City leadership knows where you stand. Send a message now to strongly support full-time dedicated bus lanes and protected bike lanes on Hennepin Avenue South.

It took months of organizing and advocacy to secure these bus lanes and bike lanes in the recommended design from City staff—but together we did it. Keep up the pressure with a message to your City Council Member and Mayor’s Office today.

Keep fighting with us for a Hennepin Ave designed for people—not just for cars. Insist on easy and enjoyable bus and bike routes that will protect our air and climate and connect us to the places we need to go to live, work, and enjoy our city.