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Tell MN Lawmakers: Prioritize Transit Funding Before Session Ends

Make it clear we need a big investment in transit, bicycling, walking, and rolling this year. Anything less should be non-negotiable.

With important transit funding negotiations underway at the State Capitol, House and Senate decision-makers could take us in two very different directions. The MN House recently passed a strong bill that invests in transit, bicycling, walking, and rolling in the metro area and statewide and includes positive policy changes to make our transportation system more sustainable. Meanwhile, legislation in the MN Senate slashes transit funding, makes it nearly impossible for local governments to create bike lanes on state roads, and ends Northstar commuter service—even as Minnesotans in St. Cloud are demanding its extension. As lawmakers look for a compromise, we can’t leave these negotiations to chance. Urge top decision-makers to make transit funding a priority before the session ends on May 17.

Past legislatures have repeatedly ignored long-term transit funding, driving up vehicle pollution in communities of color, fueling the climate crisis, and limiting Minnesotans’ ability access to access jobs, education, and healthcare. Don’t let another year go by with a lack of investment and lack of leadership at the State Capitol getting in the way of transit progress. Take action now.

While the House proposal won’t get us to the finish line on our funding needs, it would be a significant down payment of about $290M per year toward the system-wide transformation that our climate and communities urgently need. Voice your support and don’t accept anything less.

The decisions state leaders make at the end of session will play a critical role in determining the kind of transportation system—and the kind of future—we have when the pandemic is over. Fight for a future that is just, joyful, and sustainable. Tell top lawmakers to back the House proposal and make substantial investment in transit, bicycling, walking, and rolling a priority. In 2021, anything less should be non-negotiable.