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Take Action!

Tell MN Legislators to Fund Transit, Bicycling, and Walking

Speak up for a transportation system that serves all of us.

We all benefit when it’s easy to walk, bike, and take transit. But these essential ways of getting around are dramatically underfunded at the State Capitol every year.

Transportation is now the top source of climate pollution in Minnesota. People are struggling to get to work and school–or even to safely cross the street. Racial and income inequality are violating our shared values and undermining our collective prosperity.

We need more affordable, accessible, sustainable ways to get around. We need a transportation system that serves all of us.

Don’t let inaction at the State Capitol get in the way of progress. Tell your legislators to make statewide funding for transit, bicycling, and walking a top priority. With greater investment, we can not only protect the choices Minnesotans rely on today, we can create a better and more inclusive system.