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Tell Saint Paul City Council to Prioritize People and Transit Along I-94

Yes to clean air, sustainable connections, and racial equity—not another highway expansion.

Speak up for a focus on community and transit when I-94 is reconstructed between downtown Saint Paul and downtown Minneapolis. This project is a major opportunity to address the injustices caused by the original construction of the highway, and to reduce traffic pollution that hurts our climate and our health. It will need city approval to move forward.

Tell your Saint Paul City Councilmember to pass the Rethinking I-94 resolution up for their consideration on February 3. With this resolution the City is saying that reconstruction “must redesign the highway corridor to prioritize healthy, safe, affordable, accessible, and equitable mobility.”

The resolution will affirm the City’s priorities include:

  • Prioritizing fast, frequent highway bus rapid transit between downtown Minneapolis and downtown Saint Paul
  • Incorporating robust public engagement and co-creating a vision with communities, particularly BIPOC residents and Rondo residents and their descendants who have been displaced by the I-94 construction in the 1960s
  • Providing economic opportunities especially for minority- and women-owned businesses, and ensuring reconstruction works to repair–not deepen—economic disparities
  • Improve neighbors’ walking, biking, and transit access by addressing structural barriers currently caused by I-94
  • Reducing traffic volume and vehicle miles traveled to improve air quality, noise, and health
  • Categorically rejecting any lane expansion within the I-94 corridor

The Minneapolis City Council has already unanimously passed a similar resolution. Now it’s up to Saint Paul!

Tell your councilmember to reject any plan for I-94 that includes widening the highway, and instead demand reconstruction that prioritizes the health and wellbeing of people, neighborhoods, and our climate. It’s time to start correcting the mistakes of the past—and build a better future for all.