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Join the Transportation Forward Coalition

Transportation Forward is a statewide coalition led by Move Minnesota and dozens of allied partner organizations.

About Transportation Forward

Transportation Forward is a statewide coalition led by Move Minnesota, over 50 partners, and thousands of supporters. Together, we’re calling on the legislature to invest in transit, bicycling, and walking in communities throughout Minnesota.

Our coalition unites partners from across sectors and geographies because transportation impacts each and every one of us—and there are so many reasons to fight for a better system.

Transportation Forward Partners Believe:

All Minnesotans should be able to easily get around in sustainable, affordable, safe, and healthy ways. Transportation needs may look a little different in each community, but we all share an interest in creating a more just and joyful future. The status quo is unacceptable.

Increased funding for transit, bicycling, and walking is essential to connect communities, stabilize our climate, expand access to jobs and resources, and improve daily life for Minnesotans of all ages, races, incomes, and abilities. One-time money isn’t enough. Long-term solutions are urgently needed to create lasting change.

Join the coalition as an endorsing partner:

  • Be publicly listed as a member of the Transportation Forward coalition
  • Amplify the Transportation Forward coalition’s vision for an inclusive transportation system
  • Endorse the Transportation Forward coalition’s annual legislative agenda for transportation
  • Receive regular coalition emails
  • Share coalition messages and actions with your networks
  • Attend an Annual Meeting and a Post-Legislative Session Wrap Up with the full coalition
  • Participation in our Organizing & Communications Table or Government Affairs Table
Sam Rockwell

Have questions?

Contact Sam Rockwell, Executive Director of Move Minnesota, by email or phone at (651)789-1405.