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As U.S. Plans Path to Recovery, Move Minnesota Advocates for Transit

Move Minnesota has been working hard to make sure our elected officials provide funding for transit in both federal and state relief packages. Over the last two weeks, whave communicated with elected officials at every level of government and articulated the importance and urgency for transit funding. It is critical to keep our transit system running during the COVID-19 crisis so that our essential workers can continue to get to work 

Transit Center, a national partner organization, estimates that over 40% of all Minnesota transit riders are essential workersAt Move Minnesota, we affirm that essential workers are valued members of our society all the time, not just during a pandemic, and we know that the inequity of our transportation system plays out in our most vulnerable populations. Cutting bus routes, reducing transit hours, and reducing general access to transit are issues that disproportionately affect these essential workers, who are members of our communities: working class, people of color, women, people with disabilities, and many others. 

With the support of over dozens organizations and partners, our coalition co-signed a letter to state leadership, underscoring the need for investments that support and strengthen our full communities. Thank you to all our co-signersAnd many of you made crucial calls for strong transit funding—Senator Tina Smith’s office specifically noted that they heard from many of us about the importance of transit. 

In response to all of our work and that of others around the country, Congress allocated $25 billion for transit nationwide. Thankfully, this money is not limited to infrastructure investment and can be spent on transit operations, purchase of personal protective equipment (PPE), and moreMinnesota will receive $226 million for metro-area transit, $27 million for other urbanized-area transit systems, and $54 million for our rural transit systems as a result of this win.  

But our fight doesn’t stop here. This time of crisis has continued to reveal what Move Minnesota and our coalition partners have known for a long time: Minnesota’s transit system has been long underfunded.  

Move Minnesota recognizes that COVID-19 is consuming nearly all current political and emotional bandwidth. This is understandable and appropriate. A global crisis like COVID-19 has identified a new normal: how we connect, how we get around, how we prepare our our families and our homes for stability. It is critical for us to remember that the existence of COVID-19 does not extinguish other slower-burning crises like climate change, the vast economic inequality in the U.S., and our broad failure to support our most vulnerable populations. Our coronavirus recovery must solve for needs created by this pandemicand must also mend our broken systems by making substantial progress on delivering a world that reflects our shared values—to do anything else would be extraordinarily irresponsible as a matter of economic efficiency, common sense, and basic morality. Move Minnesota pledges to work for both present and future needs. 

Join us in our movement by signing up to volunteer and by sharing your story of how transit is important to you or your community.  

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