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Call for Stories: Your Story Has Power

There are millions of transit rides taken annually, but beyond the statistics, knowing who and why is critical to getting this work done. And to know who and why is to know their story – our story. We are the faces on the bus, we are the bikers pedaling through the city, we are the parents with strollers on the train. We are here but our voices aren’t always heard. Move Minnesota is committed to changing that narrative.

It starts with your story. By sharing your story, you add to the growing voices of walking, biking, rolling, and transit advocates who are fighting for more investment in transportation. Your unique experience – good, bad, or somewhere in between – with transportation moves the dial for what is possible for all Minnesotans. With your story, you power our movement forward by nurturing a narrative that is affirming and inclusive of all people whose lives are affected by the transportation decisions that are being made every day.

How have you been impacted by the transportation options in your community? Why do you support new investments in transportation? What are your hopes for the future? Share your own story today!

How to Submit:

Stories can be submitted on this online form or by in-person interview.

Need help submitting your story?

Call or email Ze Thao
Phone Number: 651-430-1403