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Driving Down Emissions: Why Reducing How Much We Drive Is Critical For Our Climate

The heart of our transportation climate strategy needs to hinge on making it easier, safer, and more convenient to take shorter routine trips and meet daily needs without a car, whether those vehicles are electric or not. We’ll never achieve our ambitious climate targets in time—or create more livable and equitable communities—if we don’t.

This webinar hosted by our national partners at Transportation for America on April 21 will draw from the 2020 Driving Down Emissions report and highlight new research and state action to reduce emissions from the transportation sector. Featured speakers–including Move Minnesota’s Executive Director Sam Rockwell–will discuss why it’s so critical to reduce the need to drive in the US, how policy changes can get us there, and what steps California and Minnesota, two leading states, are taking to make it happen. This online event is part of Earth Week programming highlighting the need to go #BeyondEVs to reduce transportation emissions, protect our climate, and make transportation accessible for everyone. Register to join!