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Hennepin Ave S Awareness Event

This Friday, supporters of transit, biking, and walking are headed to Hennepin Ave S to show their support for improvements on the street! Move Minnesota and a number of allies who want to see a bus lane and protected bikeway on Hennepin will be there. Meet us outside at 24th and Hennepin at 5 PM. If you can, bring a sign with a supportive message—and bring a friend!  Let us know if we’ll see you there.

Minneapolis is redesigning Hennepin Ave S, and started with some great ideas, including dedicated bus lanes, a bike lane, and sidewalk improvements! But vocal opponents have stalled the approval process, using a “kill by delay” tactic in order to water down the design and paint a picture that these changes are unnecessary. But they’re wrong–we do need quality transit, biking, and walking on this corridor.

That’s why on Friday, supporters will be meeting to raise awareness of these great proposals and encourage Minneapolis decision-makers to approve an accessible, climate-sustainable, and neighborhood-oriented design for the street—and to do it soon.

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