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Pack City Hall: Critical Committee Vote on Bus Lanes & Bike Lanes on Hennepin Ave South

Join us at Minneapolis City Hall on May 19 to show City Council members you support full-time dedicated bus lanes and protected bikeways on Hennepin Ave South! This is a critical City Council committee vote on the proposed street redesign.

Dedicated bus lanes on Hennepin Ave South are at risk right now. The City of Minneapolis is considering walking back their own staff recommendation for 24/7 bus lanes right before a critical committee vote on this important street redesign project. They appear poised to delay the full-time bus lanes without committing to any timeframe for implementation. And they would be disregarding the City’s own transportation and climate policies to do it. 

Pack City Hall with Move Minnesota, Hennepin for People, and local allies! It’s time for elected leaders to follow through on all the plans and policies and put paint on the street to show people what fast, convenient bus service really looks like. Watering down the recommended plan is unacceptable. 

In city after city across the country, bus lanes are a proven way to speed up service and increase ridership. Hennepin Ave is one of the busiest bus routes in our metro and the future route for E Line bus rapid transit. For quick, convenient bus service that protects our climate and improves access and connection in our community, we need those dedicated bus lanes on Hennepin Ave when the new E Line opens!

Show your support at City Hall on May 19. Demand full-time dedicated bus lanes and protected bike lanes on day one.