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Volunteer: Help Bus Riders Speak Up for Bus Lanes on Lake Street

Volunteers needed to connect directly with local bus riders on Tuesday, April 5! Staff and volunteers with Move Minnesota Action and MN350 will ask people about their experience with taking transit and help people speak up about the need for better bus service–and bus lanes–along Lake Street!

The team will canvass together along Metro Transit bus route 21 in Minneapolis. This route is one of the busiest and one of the slowest in the Twin Cities. It’s also the home of the future METRO B Line. Decision-makers are considering painting bus lanes along Lake Street to make sure B Line service is quick and convenient but supporters will need to speak up loud and clear to make the bus lanes happen.

Help get the word out about the potential for bus lanes on Lake Street and ensure elected officials hear from more people who ride the bus! Both new and experienced volunteers are encouraged to join. Meet at 5:30 PM by Andy’s Garage at Midtown Global Market to connect as a team and get started with a brief volunteer training.

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