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Vote and Bike Your Ballot

Voting is a powerful way to make your voice heard. This election, make a plan to vote–and do it early. Then let’s fill the streets with bicyclists delivering their early ballots! Complete the ballot request process here.

Plan to join Saint Paul Bike Your Ballot Week October 5th – 9th.

Bike your ballot to:
Ramsey County Elections Office
90 W Plato
Hours: 8 am to 4:30 pm

Check with your neighbors — you may transport absentee ballots for up to 3 additional voters. Also, you can preview your ballot here. No early ballot requested? No problem. You can bike to the Elections Office and vote on site.

Folks on bikes are always moving us forward. See you on the streets for Saint Paul Bike Your Ballot Week. Use #BikeYourBallot on social media!