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Move Minnesota Supports Metro Transit Staff Demanding Action

On June 26, 198 current and former Metro Transit staff members published an open letter to Metropolitan Council leadership demanding action in response to the murder of George Floyd and its aftermath. Because equitable transit is key to a more just world, Move Minnesota contacted Metropolitan Council leadership to voice support of the actions named in the staff letter. They are crucial in ensuring our transit system realizes its promise of justice.

Transit connects our communities. It brings people to the important places in their lives while protecting our climate and leaving more money in people’s pockets for food, fun, and family. The changes outlined in the letter will help make that a reality for more people, especially the Black riders who make up a quarter of all Metro Transit ridership.

We embrace all the suggestions made in the June 26 letter, and believe now is the time for the Metropolitan Council to make these important changes so that policies are established and clear prior to any future discussions about suspension of service or use of transit vehicles.

We especially voiced our support for the following:

We look forward to continuing to work with the Metropolitan Council, Metro Transit staff, and our network of supporters to continue to advocate for our transit system and the people it serves every day.