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People and Community First, When Reimagining the I-94 Corridor

With a reconstruction project on the horizon, critical conversations about the future of the I-94 corridor are underway. In our September post Move Minnesota urged I-94 decision-makers, “the time is now, to right the wrongs of the past and to look towards a collective future and . . . look to [make I-94] a corridor that puts people and community first.” Building on our years of neighborhood engagement work, we also laid out our recommendations for what is needed to improve the future of the corridor:

  1. Build NO new lanes, and instead convert an existing lane to dedicated transit.
  2. Make fast, frequent, and improved transit a priority.
  3. Create safe connections and crossings in the communities adjacent to the corridor and build more livable communities with community.
  4. Create a process of involvement that is transparent, inclusive and economically beneficial to communities of color impacted by this corridor in the past, present and future.

Earlier this month, we signed on to a community letter addressed to leaders at MnDOT and the Federal Highway Administration. The letter expanded on the historical and ongoing impacts to communities and expressed our collective vision for the future of the I-94 corridor between Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Review the letter here.

We are thrilled to share City of Minneapolis’ Transportation and Public Works Committee has passed an I-94 resolution that includes community supported recommendations and the Minneapolis City Council successfully passed the resolution with a unanimous vote of support earlier today! We are also thrilled to note that City of Saint Paul is projected to mirror that resolution and take similar action in January 2021.

You can review the current status on MnDOT’s Rethinking I-94 project here.

Thank you to everyone for joining us in amplifying these community concerns on the future of I-94. This is an ongoing multi-year initiative and we are excited to report back that progress is moving in a direction that prioritizes people, neighborhoods, and our climate.

Learn more about Move Minnesota’s focus on Rethinking I-94 here.

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