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Statewide Mobility Transportation Plan Should Guide MN to a Sustainable, Equitable Future—But Will It?

MnDOT is making plans for our transportation future in Minnesota. But what kind of future will that be? The agency’s new draft Statewide Multimodal Transportation Plan is a big deal. This is our state’s highest level policy plan for transportation and it has the power to shape the transportation options available to you and the climate and air pollution in our communities for the next 20 years.

In Minnesota, we care about clean air, protecting our climate, and connected, thriving communities that work for everyone. To achieve this, MnDOT must lead with a strong, sustainable vision for our future. We need agency decision-makers to make real commitments to reducing driving rates and improving transit, walking, biking, and rolling. That’s why we’re speaking up for a stronger statewide plan—and asking you to do the same.

Move Minnesota submitted our comment letter on MnDOT’s Statewide Mobility Transportation Plan earlier this week. Our overarching recommendation is that MnDOT strengthen the vehicle miles traveled (VMT) reduction targets in this plan. If MnDOT significantly reduces VMT over the next 20 years, it will increase transportation safety, increase community health, reduce wear and tear on our system, and reduce the CO2e greenhouse gas emissions causing climate change. We urge MnDOT to establish science-based VMT reduction targets that will put Minnesota on a path to a zero-emission transportation sector by 2050 when combined with credible projections for electric vehicle adoption. We also ask that MnDOT take additional, specific steps to reflect the full suite of transportation changes we know are necessary to achieve a just and sustainable future.

Make sure you take a minute today to speak up for the future that YOU believe in. Weigh in on the draft Statewide Multimodal Transportation Plan now. Email a quick comment today to The comment period is open now through September 18.

To Influence Transportation & Cut Climate Pollution Statewide, Tell MnDOT:

The Statewide Multimodal Transportation Plan should include stronger, science-based goals for shifting trips from driving to other modes. Please set a vehicle miles traveled (VMT) reduction target that, when combined with anticipated electrification, achieves our climate obligations of a net zero transportation sector by 2050. A seven percent VMT reduction will not achieve that.

Email MnDOT today! You can also find the full draft plan and comment online here.