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Video: How to Put Your Bike on the Bus

Combining bike and bus trips can be super helpful—especially for longer trips, unexpected downpours, or smoky summer days. While our light rail system in the Twin Cities offers bike racks inside each train, you’ll find a place for your bike outside on the front of every bus. All Metro Transit buses have bike racks with space for two bicycles. These racks are also found on buses across the Twin Cities, including MVTA routes, and University of Minnesota—Twin Cities Campus Shuttles.

Check out a new, one-minute video from Move Minnesota showing how to put your bike on a bus rack—and feel confident rolling up to the bus with your bike this season!


From the video:

Happy Bike Month! This is how you get your bike on a bus rack:

If the bike rack isn’t already down, you’ll want to grab the handle in the middle, squeeze, then gently let the bike rack fall into its downward position.

You’ll want to pick your bike up and then set it so the front tire is facing the securing lever.

Pull the lever out and then up, placing it on top of the middle of your front tire, and that should secure your bike. You can shake it to be sure.

This is what it’s going to look like in practice:

Be sure to give that wave to the bus driver to let them know that you’re going to put your bike on the bus.

You can see here that the rack isn’t already down, so you want to grab that handle in the middle and you’ll squeeze it and gently let the bike rack fall down into its downward position.

You’ll put the bike on the slot closest to the front of the bus with your front tire facing the securing lever.

You’ll pull that out and up on top of your front tire, shake it to be sure it’s secure, and then you’re ready to ride.

Be sure to let the bus driver know when you’re getting off that you’re going to take your bike with you.

And happy Bike Month from Move Minnesota! Take care!