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ZAP Twin Cities Program Comes to a Close

Over the past thirteen years, ZAP Twin Cities has inspired more people to bike, be committed to reducing carbon emissions, and be more active. While ZAP Twin Cities is ending this summer, we’re proud of the difference this bicycle commuter incentive program has made with support from thousands of participants and local partners. Sincere thanks to all!

The last day participants will receive zaps is August 30, 2021–but the Twin Cities’ love of biking lives on! Employers can choose to use one of the many larger platforms available to track trips and encourage bicycling and other forms of sustainable commuting. A few to explore, or suggest to your human resources department, include:

There are also many tools that help support bicycle commuting. These resources for individuals include the bicycle trip tracking app Strava and other options listed here. Check out our Choose How You Move page for more biking tips and related info.

If you are currently a student, staff, or faculty member at the U of M and are still interested in participating in ZAP, contact and your account will be switched to the University of Minnesota’s ZAP program. The total number of zaps on your old account will be carried over to your new account.

For everyone who made ZAP Twin Cities possible: thank you! We hope you stay inspired to bike long after this program ends. And we hope you stay connected and involved in Move Minnesota’s ongoing work to make biking, walking, rolling, and transit even better ways to get around the Twin Cities. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Theresa Nelson.