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2020 Selby Ave JazzFest Bike Ride: Sustainable Ways to Explore Rondo & Frogtown

The Selby Ave JazzFest bike ride is a highlight for the Move Minnesota team. Walking, biking, and transit can connect us with our neighborhoods in a whole new way – feel more connected with businesses and community gathering spaces that are along transit and have ample bike parking. Last year, the JazzFest bike ride allowed us to connect with the Rondo and Frogtown neighborhoods in a climate-friendly way, and brought people together to discuss ways to ensure a sustainable future for these historically and culturally significant Saint Paul neighborhoods. The organizers of JazzFest have done a great job adapting this year’s festival into a virtual celebration. In the spirit of finding new ways to stay virtually engaged, we would like to share some of last year’s bike ride route with you, and encourage you to visit the stops on your own while observing social distancing guidelines.

Last year’s bike ride followed a route that highlighted cultural landmarks and local businesses rooted in the Rondo and Frogtown neighborhoods. These stops included restaurants, community gardens, and light rail stations – just a few of the major components to a healthy and thriving neighborhood. As you plan your route, consider incorporating some or all of the sustainable transportation options mentioned below.

How to get started with incorporating more sustainable transportation options:

Throughout the Twin Cities you have many climate-friendly options to get around. Save time and money by planning your route and explore what options are available to you in your neighborhood and near your workplace. Your options can include transit, bike, car share, scooters and more.


Metro Transit has a number of passes for various needs that make riding transit more affordable. Board faster with a bus pass or purchase your fare using the metro transit app. Visit the Metro Transit website for more information on how you can plan your next route.


Biking is a great option to get around the Twin Cities. It is an affordable and on demand option to get to the important places you need to go. There are many options where you can purchase a new or used bike. If you have questions about purchasing a bike, consider connecting with local bike shops like Full Cycle or Recovery Bike Shop in the Twin Cities to get you started.


Lime Scooters are now available in Saint Paul through November 30. A mobile app on your smartphone is required to ride. Learn more about Lime Scooter.


HOURCAR is a member-based car sharing program that gives you access to over 50 cars and trucks that are located at more than 40 locations throughout the Twin Cities. Visit their website to see the map of locations and more information on how to get started. Questions about HOURCAR? Contact Shannon Crabtree.

Now that you know have been refreshed on all the sustainable ways to get around, here is the route for our Selby Ave JazzFest bike ride. If you make it to any of these stops, don’t forget to capture the moment, and share your pictures with us on social media using #MoveMN. Stick around after the route to learn how you can win a gift card to a local Saint Paul business.

1.) Golden Thyme Coffee

Ways to get here: Walk, bike, scooter, car share, and bus 21.

This coffee shop is a community staple and flagship for the annual JazzFest celebrations. Grab a coffee and snack when you stop by and admire the featured art by Tacoumba Aiken.

2.) Walker West Music Academy – left at Western Avenue

Ways to get here: Walk, bike, scooter, car share, and buses 21 & 65

This is the site of the JazzFest recordings. Stop in and appreciate the featured art by Tacoumba Aiken and Seitu Jones.

3.) Mississippi Market Natural Foods Co-op via Selby Ave

Ways to get here: Walk, bike, scooter, car share, and buses 21 & 65

Find healthy foods and snacks at this local neighborhood market. Stop here to replenish between stops if you need more food and hydration for your trip.

4.) Green Line Western Ave and Victoria Street stations

Ways to get here: Walk, bike, scooter, car share, and Green Line LRT

Each of these stops has a Black community hero honored. Take some time to read about these heroes and appreciate the community art. Bike parking is available at most Green Line stations, or you can bring your bike with you onto the train with bike racks available on every train.

5.) Frogtown Community Garden

Ways to get here: Walk, bike, scooter, car share, and Green Line LRT & bus 65

Make a visit to the community garden in the Frogtown neighborhood. This garden connects residents to a source of fresh plants and healthy produce options.

6.) Aldine Bridge

Ways to get here: Walk, bike, scooter, car share, and A Line BRT

Explore the colorful art on the bridge deck.

7.) The 2nd line Jazz parade from Selby Ave & Victoria Street to Milton Street 

Ways to get here: Walk, bike, scooter, car share, and bus 21

Last year, we wrapped up our bike ride by lining up at the corner of Selby Ave and Victoria Street and joined the 2nd line parade to officially kick off the JazzFest. Walk, bike, or roll through the parade route to help us kick off this year’s virtual celebrations!

We are collecting feedback on how your everyday travel has changed since the beginning of 2020. Tell us how you connect to community! Survey participants will be entered into a raffle drawing for a gift card to a Saint Paul local business.

We hope you enjoy the bike ride route just as much as we did. We look forward to the days when we can gather again and celebrate as a group. Until then, we wish you happy travelling between these stops as you explore new, fun, and climate-friendly ways to get around Saint Paul. If you have any questions about the Selby Ave JazzFest bike ride, or want to know learn more about your transportation options, please contact Theresa Thompson Nix at