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Announcing the Launch of Move Minnesota Action

As advocates and fierce believers in the power of transit to create a better future for all, we know we need to do everything we can to create the change that’s possible. Together, we continue to win important victories in Minnesota each year. But we look around at the state of the climate crisis, the injustice in our communities, the difficulties people face just getting to work and school in the morning, and the political apathy standing in the way of much-needed transformation—and we grow impatient.

Our families, our communities, and our climate are worth fighting for. And it’s time to bring even more tools and momentum to this movement.

That’s why we’re so excited and proud today to announce the launch of Move Minnesota Action!

Move Minnesota Action is committed to building the grassroots and political power necessary to transform transit. As our new 501(c)(4) nonprofit, Move Minnesota Action complements the amazing, ongoing work already happening at Move Minnesota and takes it to another level.

Move Minnesota Action is all about effective organizing, issue education, and electoral advocacy to grow our movement. It’s about disrupting politics-as-usual by mobilizing transit riders, engaging voters, cultivating and supporting champions, keeping elected officials accountable, and bringing our pro-transit voices into the political process. It’s about fighting for the transit we need, and the just, joyful, and sustainable future we all deserve—no exceptions.

We invite you to celebrate with us at the Move Minnesota Action Launch Party in Minneapolis on Thursday, October 14. See details and RSVP on our new Move Minnesota Action website.

Visit to get involved and learn more today. Be sure to sign up on the site for future updates from Move Minnesota Action.

You can also find Move Minnesota Action on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

And, of course, stay tuned for more of the progress we’re making with the team here at Move Minnesota!