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Board Alumni Challenge: You Did It!

The 2018 Board Alumni Challenge was big: we needed 250 members of our community to step up and invest in Move Minnesota to unlock an $8,000 challenge grant.

We are so excited to share that you reached the goal! The money you invested will support hundreds and hundreds of hours of organizing for change, of collecting community input to shape transportation projects, of work on policy.

Just like in our movement, we are more powerful when we act together. Thanks to all of you who made a donation—whether you renewed your annual gift or it was your first time donating to Move Minnesota, you made an investment in a stronger, more resilient movement.

If you didn’t make a gift during the challenge, your donation is still needed right now. In January, we’re organizing for the 2019 legislative session, planning for summer outreach and events, and developing policy and communications platforms for 2020 and beyond. This work happens every month of the year, and can only be sustained when supporters like you invest in the work.

Thanks to each and every one of you! As we reflect on what we’re grateful for in the new year, one thing stands out: our movement is strong and growing, thanks to donors like you.