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C Line Tool Kit Shares Information for Bus Riders & Insights from Local Community

Over the past year, Move Minnesota has engaged in community conversations with hundreds of people along the METRO C Line bus rapid transit corridor to discuss what they needed to live their best lives and what they needed from their transportation systems. We connected with people through art by seangarrison and the Roho Collective, conversations with residents in person and over the phone, being guests on Twin Cities Radio Network, and creating a short film about the power of the C Line. These conversations taught us three major things:

  1. Residents along the C Line want better access to quality food, quality healthcare, and quality housing.
  2. Residents want changes that invest in the future of their neighborhood, and they want to be a part of making that change.
  3. When given the resources needed, like a $20 Go-To card, residents are excited to change their choices.

People are excited by the breath of fresh air that comes from the C Line—literally and figuratively. Since the C Line is emission free, ditching your car for a ride on the bus actually reduces the pollution rate in the area and improves the air we all breathe. Plus, not having to worry about driving in traffic gives you a moment of peace to do what makes you happy. Some of the folks we have talked to told us that taking the C line gives them time during their daily commute to listen to their favorite gospel album, have quality moments with their family, and get to see parts of their community they otherwise wouldn’t see while driving. Learn more about the route and see a map of C Line stations here.

Every car ride from the beginning of the C Line in Brooklyn Center to the end in Downtown Minneapolis releases 8lbs of CO2 into the air. However, with every conversation had and Go-To card distributed, we are reducing the number of car trips taken, and reducing how much CO2 gets into the air. Want to help keep up the momentum? Take our pledge to change your choices today!


Note: CO2 stat calculated here. 10 miles via highway from Brooklyn Center transit station to Government Plaza in downtown Minneapolis, 25 mpg on average, and $4.50/gal.