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Here to There Podcast Uses Stories to Explore Transportation in the Twin Cities

The ways we commute and the ways we live are inextricably linked. In 2017, Move Minnesota and Apparatus launched a fresh new podcast series to explore those connections, and spark more conversations about what commuting in the Twin Cities is, and what it could be.

Produced by Studio Americana, each podcast episode starts riding along with a Twin Cities resident on their commute by bus, by bike, by car, or by foot—as they share their story of how transportation options affect their life. Then, we shift to discuss emerging challenges and opportunities with a local leader in policy, technology, advocacy, or thought.

Since starting the series this summer, we’ve surpassed 5,000 episode listens of Here to There. You can catch up on all 10 episodes at the links below:


Episode 1 – Bike Commuting + Health Equity
Saturday morning bike errands, plus a different take on our reputation as one of the healthiest states—and what we can do about it. Featuring Selam Gebremariam, Darius Gray, and Vayong Moua.


Episode 2 – Electric & Driverless Cars + Sustainability
Politics, roadtrips, and a future with EVs that drive themselves. Featuring Tim Reckmeyer and Andrew Twite.


Episode 3 – The Duality of Highways + Connectivity
A cross-city commute, highways that connect and divide, and new efforts to build a land bridge where I-94 tore through Saint Paul’s largest African-American neighborhood. Featuring Bill Monn, Lars Christiansen, and Nathaniel “Nick” Khaliq.


Episode 4 – Aging in Place + Livability
A walk through one retiree’s transit-friendly neighborhood, plus the shifts in perceptions and planning needed to support a large and rapidly growing population of seniors. Featuring Mat Hollinshead and Lydia Morken.


Episode 5 – Drivers + Employment
Ride-sharing through Minneapolis with a local-radio-DJ-turned-Lyft-driver, a view of the gig economy, and the changes that transit operators are facing. Featuring Barb Abney & Mark Lawson.


Episode 6 – Car Sharing + Flexibility
A walk across campus, adjusting to life without Car2Go, and a look at flexibility as a set of options and a state of mind. Featuring Jon Brown and Mary Morse Marti.


Episode 7 – Circulator Bus + Social Cohesion
Riding the LOOP in West St. Paul, experiencing independence, what reliable transportation means to students whose housing is unstable, and how transit options impact how we connect with the community around us. Featuring Ryan Strack, Jeffrey, and Jeremy.


Episode 8 – Walk & Roll + Accessibility
A unique walk through a local business district simulates what people with disabilities experience every day, a look at the practicalities and promise of policies and new technologies, and how Minnesota is addressing accessibility in transportation options. Featuring Kjensmo Walker and Joan Willshire.


Episode 9 – Carpool + Equity
An early morning ride from the Midtown Phillips neighborhood in the heart of the city to the Amazon fulfillment center in Shakopee, the costs of a lengthy commute, and a people- and community-centered approach to building equity and opportunity in North Minneapolis and beyond. Featuring Ravi Norman, Ibrahim, and Zac.


Episode 10 – Multimodal + Aspiration
A trek across the Twin Cities and back again via light rail, bike, walk, and electric car. Looking forward to the transportation system of the future—and how we get there. Featuring former Met. Council Chair Adam Duininck, State Senator Scott Dibble, and MnDOT Commissioner Charlie Zelle.


All episodes of Here to There are also available on iTunes and SoundCloud. Read more about the full series in the Star Tribune and Next City.

Thanks to Leili Fatehi and Laura Monn Ginsberg, our talented friends at Apparatus, for partnering on this podcast! And thanks to our podcast sponsors: DARTS, Fresh Energy, Minneapolis Downtown Council, Move Minneapolis, Sierra Club Northstar Chapter, and