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Join Our 2019 Board of Directors

This fall, Move Minnesota is looking for people with positivity and a passion for our mission to join our board of directors! We have four board seats open for 2019.

Why join? Board members make a difference at Move Minnesota. Our board of directors guides our strategic direction and our long-term sustainability. Their leadership helps ensure our vision and values and our commitment to equity are lived out in daily work.

Board members work collaboratively with other members, the executive director, the staff leadership team, and the staff advancement team. They are expected to contribute in ways that match their interests, abilities, talents, and connections. You can learn more about board member responsibilities below.

We value a broad range of personal and professional backgrounds. This year, we are especially seeking people with experience working in: public health or healthcare, finance, legal professions, and larger corporations.

Interested? Please contact our Executive Director Jessica Treat, to discuss this leadership opportunity. Applicants are typically voted on during our mid-December board meeting.

Responsibilities of board members include:

1. Act in the spirit of the Move Minnesota vision, mission, and values.

2. Together with other board members, steward strong governance:

1. Set goals and long-term organizational strategies
2. Oversee the performance of the Executive Director
3. Ensure the Executive Director has measures in place to maintain legal and financial compliance
4. Ensure that the organization maintains and complies with fair and equitable workplace policies
5. Meet commitments to staff and constituents
6. Participate in succession planning by recruiting new board members, providing for a Board that remains healthy and regenerative

3. Contribute to board work:

1. Prepare for each Board meeting
2. Attend board meetings absent irreconcilable conflict, and actively contribute their knowledge and views in an honest and mutually respectful manner
3. Disclose any potential or actual conflict of interest and, where appropriate, avoid participating in considering or voting on a matter
4. Serve on a board committee, adhering to the same values listed above

4. Steward organizational financial health:

1. Contribute financially to Move Minnesota, at a level that is significant to the member
2. Thoughtfully leverage personal and/or professional connections to further the organization’s fundraising goals
3. Develop and maintain a basic understanding of nonprofit financials, and use that knowledge to maintain fiduciary responsibility (the duty of care, the duty of loyalty, and the duty of obedience

5. Support achieving organizational goals:

1. Maintain knowledge of current Move Minnesota programs
2. Be accessible to staff, respond in a timely way to staff requests, and serve as a resource to staff members in areas where the member has knowledge or expertise.
3. Serve as a liaison between the organization and other organizations and constituencies to which the member has personal or professional connections
4. Represent the organization to the public, legislative and policymaking bodies, media, and/or stakeholder groups as appropriate.

Positivity and passion for the Move Minnesota mission are the most important keys to success in this role.

The time commitment for membership is approximately 6-10 hours per month on board, committee, and fundraising related duties. Members should expect to spend their time on the following:

Board terms begin at the start of the calendar year, and are 2 year terms.

If you are interested in joining our board in 2019, reach out to our Executive Director Jessica Treat. Positions are open until filled, but new board members are typically voted on at our mid-December meeting.


Post updated 12/03/18.