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New Legislative Session Is an Opportunity to Build on Historic Wins for Public Transit

In 2023, Minnesota passed one of the most progressive transportation bills in the nation, thanks to thousands of advocates and our elected allies who successfully made public transit and climate action a priority at the State Capitol. With a new legislative session now underway, we have another opportunity to build on this tremendous progress! 

We know that many Minnesotans want to take public transit because it’s healthy, sustainable, and affordable—but our roads and communities have been engineered around cars, not people. Recently, we kicked off the 2024 session with a packed house full of community members and elected officials committed to advancing solutions that will make our communities more connected and our transportation system more accessible to people of all ages, races, incomes, and abilities. 

Co-hosted by Move Minnesota Action and Sierra Club North Star Chapter, the event highlighted the importance of public transit to people of all backgrounds and uplifted proposed policies that would address critical land use issues to make it easier for people to walk, roll, bike, or bus.

During the event, we heard from bus riders Amir Adan and Eric Moran—who spoke from personal experience about the value of frequent and reliable public transit in their daily lives—and from our partners and elected champions, including Sen. Omar Fateh, Rep. Frank Hornstein, Rep. Larry Kraft, Rep. Sydney Jordan, Rep. Sam Sencer-Mura, and Minneapolis City Council Member Robin Wonsley. 

Throughout the night, the sense of potential and belief in a better future was clear. Because no matter where we live or what we look like, all of us want to live a good life and make our communities better for future generations. And that means continuing to push for transportation that helps families thrive, keeps neighborhoods healthy, sustains our air and climate, and connects us to work, school, and the people we love. 

That’s why Move Minnesota Action’s 2024 legislative agenda is focused on shifting influential policies that guide how we design our roads and develop our communities so it’s easier for all Minnesotans to choose and use public transit. These shifts will help ensure ongoing transit investments can have the greatest positive impact for years to come.

Move Minnesota Action’s top two priorities at the State Capitol this spring are:

Driving Down Climate Pollution: 

Vehicle transportation is the top source of climate pollution. But changing that isn’t simply about individual choices—it’s about shifting the systems that make us dependent on cars. For generations, highways and car-centric urban planning have fueled the climate crisis while creating deep racial inequities in our cities. In 2023, we helped set Minnesota on a new path with a groundbreaking climate law that requires highway expansion projects and land use plans to conform to state targets for reducing greenhouse gas pollution and lowering vehicle miles traveled. This session, Move Minnesota Action will work with legislative champions to: 

Building Vibrant Communities Around Public Transit:

According to a recent poll, nearly one-third of Minnesotans say they would be more likely to use buses and trains if there were greater access to transit where they live. For connected communities of all sizes, instead of sprawling development and isolated neighborhoods, we need land use policies that incentivize more housing and businesses in places that are easily accessible and close to one another—especially around transit stops. This session, Move Minnesota Action and a coalition of allied organizations is asking the legislature to:

Move Minnesota Action is also supporting:

The historic transit and climate wins we achieved together in 2023 were possible because Minnesotans made our voices heard. Your support will move us forward this year too! To stay informed and get involved as the session continues, sign up for email updates from Move Minnesota Action (