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Transformative Ayd Mill Trail Opens in Saint Paul

The amazing new Ayd Mill Trail opened last Saturday! It was a beautiful day to celebrate this protected route that will transform how people bike, walk, and roll in Saint Paul. The trail opening was a long time coming. But it is an undeniable reminder that good things are possible when we all speak up for the city and the future we want to see.

The Ayd Mill Trail had been discussed for over a decade. Many voices helped this project overcome the skepticism and opposition it faced along the way. Move Minnesota and our supporters played an important role—first in successfully advocating for the groundbreaking Saint Paul Bike Plan and then in successfully advocating for the trail itself.

Ayd Mill Road once had the feel of a mini-highway. Now, one of the car lanes on Ayd Mill has been repurposed into the new off-street path, allowing people to bike, walk, and roll safely and easily through the city. It was so wonderful to see people of all ages, including families with kids, enjoying it together this past weekend.

This trail is an exciting, significant step toward making sure Saint Paul’s streets are for everyone. It builds progress toward creating a Greenway Extension in Saint Paul and strengthens the overall bicycle network by connecting existing bikeways and neighborhood destinations. It shows we have so much to gain when we’re willing to imagine our streets differently.

“Ayd Mill Road has challenged our city for over a generation. Reimagining this critical route as a complete street we can all use and enjoy demonstrates our community’s commitment to our residents and our planet alike.”

Mayor Melvin Carter, Saint Paul

Big thank you to Mayor Carter, Saint Paul City Councilmembers and staff, and the many local advocates and allies who came together to support this project and move it forward. We hope this visionary thinking and bold action continues.

Ayd Mill is a victory in and of itself. It is also a demonstration of what is needed to address climate, mobility, and justice challenges: it replaces harmful infrastructure with space that welcomes people. We hope the Ayd Mill transformation is the first of many to come.

Featured image courtesy of Masanari Kawahara.