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48th & Chicago Transit Updates Shouldn’t Be Controversial

If you know 48th & Chicago in Minneapolis, you know it’s a great neighborhood destination. There’s a medical clinic, restaurants, coffee shop, theater, retail stores, a bank, and more. The southbound bus stop, though, is obviously outdated–offering people young and old minimal shelter from the rain, snow, and heat. Just looking at it, you’d never guess the metro’s busiest bus route, Route 5, runs here.

D Line bus rapid transit will be a big improvement for local riders. It will update Route 5 with the fast, frequent service, heated shelters, station snow removal, and other modern upgrades that the A Line brought to Saint Paul two years ago.

Community input led planners to include a D Line station at 48th & Chicago. Now, its future is uncertain, because some business owners have pushed back against D Line buses stopping here. Metro Transit needs more input from Minneapolis residents to decide whether or not this rapid bus station will be built. If supporters don’t speak up, neighbors, employees, and customers could miss out on improvements, and instead lose transit access at this local hub.

Do you live, work, or play nearby? Help make the D Line’s Chicago & 48th Street Station a reality! Remind decision-makers it’s not complicated:

Speak up at the community meeting on Thursday, September 13, at St. Joan of Arc Church in Minneapolis.

If you can’t attend, share your feedback with Metro Transit online, via email, or call 612-349-7390. Thanks for being involved!