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An $8,000 Opportunity to Grow Our Movement

Move Minnesota can do so much more when our work is fueled by the passion and donations of our supporters.

That’s why our alumni board members are issuing a challenge: they have $8,000 ready to support our work. To get it, we need you and 249 other people to make a donation by December 31.

250 people might sound like a lot, and while it’s an ambitious goal, we’ve seen how our community steps up. You rise to meet challenges each and every year — at the legislature, in your neighborhoods, and for our region. You fight for safer pedestrian crossings, better bike lanes, and increased transit. You live your values. You show up day in and day out. That’s how we know you can meet this challenge.

Starting today, every person who makes a donation helps us get closer to our 250-person goal. Whether you can give $250 or $25, we need you to step up and be counted. Donate today.

We need you to be a part of this, because Move Minnesota holds a vision for the future, but it’s not our vision: it’s yours.

It comes from people like you, who want more families to experience the joy of bicycling, who know our communities are better when everyone can cross the street safely, who understand that protecting our environment for future generations can be as easy as stepping on a bus to work. People who know that accessible and easy transportation choices can transform how we live.

The vision is big, but making it reality is possible when we all work together. No one person can do everything — but together, we’re powerful.

That’s the message behind the 2018 Alumni Challenge Grant, and why we need you to support the movement with a financial gift.

Whether it’s been months since your last gift or you’ve never made one before, you can make a difference now. Give today, and help us meet the challenge.

P.S. 250 is a big number, so we need you to bring your community along too! Not only friends who love biking, or your coworker who takes the bus (although definitely share with them!), but also people who are ready for a vision of transformation in our region, who might not have access to reliable service, walkable neighborhoods, or safe bike lanes. Share with the people in your life who care about vibrant, thriving, and connected communities. This movement is for all of us.