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Move Minnesota Statement on January 6 Attack on US Capitol

Dear Move Minnesota Community,

On January 6, 2021, we witnessed pro-Trump extremists storm the U.S. Capitol building in a failed attempt to overturn our elections and destroy our democracy. In that moment, our country saw an unprecedented break with a peaceful transition of power and the clear culmination of years of white supremacy and disinformation. We saw an insurrection that violated some of our deepest values as Americans.

As a nonprofit focused on advocacy and change here in Minnesota, our work is grounded in democracy. “We the people” manifests as investing in people before political agenda, creating space that amplifies historically marginalized voices, and repairing systems to serve the common good. But regardless of our day jobs, it is important we all speak out for truth and justice—in every space we occupy—if we want to live in a just and functioning society, if we value integrity, if we care about our future.

The flames of violence and chaos on January 6th were stoked by a defeated president and by his allies and enablers. What transpired was an obvious outcome of years of attacks on truth, on confidence in government, and on our foundational value of equality. Over the course of the last administration, cynicism and racism grew in strength and prevalence, replacing American optimism and a sense of common purpose as leading themes in conversations and politics. What happens next is up to us.

We can pretend this was an isolated incident, that the racism and division that led to this moment began and ended with Trump. Or we can come to terms with the long and connected history of systemic injustices, lies, and scorn for our institutions that led to this moment and work to create a country that actually delivers on the promise of equal rights and justice for all. We can make sure our elected leaders at every level of government are ready to do the same.

Starting right now, the path we’re on as a nation must change if we are to survive as a community and society. We must invest in the common good, whether that is a bus network that reflects respect for its riders, a living wage that allows families to live comfortably, or investments in public education. We must resurrect a commitment to all in our community and recognize and commit to supporting those against whom history and our current policies have disenfranchised and discriminated—in particular Black Americans, Indigenous Americans, and brown community members across the country.


Sam Rockwell

Executive Director, Move Minnesota